Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wedding Journal Round Robin

My wedding journal is ready to mail around to the first of 6 ladies who are participating in this project. The title of our books is "my wedding day" so you start off with a book featuring your own wedding day, and then it will have pages by each artist about THEIR wedding day. I decided to use an old small photo album for my book. I covered it with old lace paper doily placemats i picked up at an estate sale. i replaced the posts with large key rings and added an assortment of ribbons and lace in the colours white, cream and gold. I cut out all the paper for the book, 8 1/2 by 7 1/2 out of assorted white, cream and metallic papers. Not that my wedding was so elegant. But since i was not into paper arts back then, it was fun to "re-imagine" my wedding day, by changing the images to sepia tones. But since my actual colours with peachy pink and lilac - well - there had to be some pages done in those tones. Here is my actual invitation. I find it so dated - but it isn't that bad. I added gold wings to my beautiful bridesmaids. I wonder if they would have worn wings if i had actually asked them to, hmm? FYI - in the photo their feet were hidden in deep grass - so i just cut out long pointy shoes. They actually wore ladylike white sandals.But here are some pages i did on a whim - they have nothing to do with my wedding. I made this card in a workshop years ago and have been saving it for something, so why not add it to this journal. If i got married today, it would certainly be all about the perfect robin's egg blue and abundant bird and nest related elements. Wouldn't that be lovely?
You can see that i used many different papers, including some wallpaper, vellum, metallics and hand made paper with flower petals. I also scattered gold and vellum envelopes throughout - a little place to hide a photo or two. Or a scrap of actual peachy pink bridesmaid lace dress fabric!

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