Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine countdown - 10 days to go

I received my second lovely valentine from the swap today. Plus a BONUS valentine from my niece, a budding artist in her own right. Here is the card from marie. Does she know i am passionate about birds these days? Well, for like for over a year actually, but anyway i just love this little red winged fellow. How clever to use a victorian scrap angel wing for a bird. I must try that!
Here is Erica's card - pretty pink with fuzzy felt hearts. peaking out is a pink pipe cleaner that lines the inside of the card. So clever - it gives the card weight and makes it stand up easier. She also sent the plastic dot heart above. I love how she used pink, aqua and lavender thread to match the dots. Takes after her auntie, dontcha think?
Thank you Marie and Erica!

fyi - the post office curmudgeon made me pay DOUBLE for the cards i mailed out yesterday. If they had been a fraction of an inch shorter they would have been ok. My only consolation is that the valentine swap ladies will now get TWO cute heart stamps to keep for future collage projects!

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