Friday, February 20, 2009

Final Valentine Swap

I was out of town for a few days, and was pleased to see my 14th and final valentine had arrived from Samantha when i returned home.
It is a cool modern take on valentine motifs with metal wire wrapping the heart. there is red stitching around the edge of the card. I love the haphazard-ness of it!
Here are all my cards displayed on a wire rack on the wall in my kitchen. There are more than 14 because i received a few extras, plus i kept one of the ones i made to swap with the gals.
I thought i would also share my valentine gift from hubby. I make sure he knows my favorite stores, where i would love just about anything he picked up there. This time he went to Anthropologie and picked out these two hooks. He thought they were cool, vintage, decorative and practical! I love 'em!
Thanks to Samantha and all my Valentine buddies for a great winter swap! And especially to Samantha and Ramona for organizing the whole thing. Check out their blog Altered Art Junkies to see some other cards.

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