Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Here are some simple collage cards i made a few weeks ago.  Instead of actually mailing them to anyone - i used them as wall art to decorate my office for the month of October.

Most of these cards were made with the Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland 8x8 paper collection.  Each card is an 8x8 sheet of scrapbook paper just folded in half, for a generous sized card.  The papers are also double sided - so they are just as cool on the inside!
Here is the complete paper collection!  Special thanks to my friend Karen for sharing!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Altered Photographs Play Date

 I spent a fun afternoon Saturday altering photographs in a style my friend S learned at Art Unraveled this year.  She took a workshop with Karen Michel and learned various techniques she shared with us.  I  started with a picture i took of the Wentworth by the Sea, an abandoned grand hotel in New Hampshire i took back in the 80's.  After wetting the photo i started to sand off the edges with fine sand paper.
This is what the hotel looks like today - i just googled it - back in 2003 it was rescued and returned to its former glory!  This makes me very happy.
 But when i took this pic - it was just sitting there - sad and alone - perfect material for a creepy altered photo!
 After sanding off the edges i scraped into the trees and added details with an awl.  Then it went into a coolaid bath (unsweetened!) to turn this ghostly red colour!
 Next i took two picures of my neice and nephew sitting on my mom's back patio steps.  The pictures were taken one year apart.
 Here they are after wetting and sanding off all the background.  See below how they look with some added colour.
Here they are after their coolaid bath and some rubber stamping.
 Here is a beautiful victorian house, or Queen Anne perhaps? taken in Kennebunkport.
 Here it is sanded down.
 Here is my sister and BIL on a mountain top skiing.  I added some stamping to this you can see below.
 Here is a "before" shot at christmas about 16 years ago.  I felt quilty erasing my mom out of this one, but it isn't like i don't have hundreds of other pictures with her in them, right?
 Here is an array of L's altered photos.  She went with interesting graphic designs and lots of hand painting.
Here is a closeup of two of her pictures.  Aren't they magical?
 Here are S's and D's shots.They added collage materials and lots of vibrant colour to transform the mundane snapshot into something artistic.
 Here's Z's images - not quite finished - but really cool how you can take something and turn it into something else!
 Here are more of mine with the sanding and colour tint added.
 Some landscapes.
 D's image of a quilt altered to hightlight this gorgeous tree.
 My husband's family at christmas - they'll all be getting fun and kooky looking paper hats!
Jim and I with our respective mom's in front ot our old flowering apple tree on Mother's Day back in the 90's. Both these ladies are alive and well!
  Check out the bottom left house and scroll back up to see the before - too cool!  I added more colour to these with Caran D'ache crayons and a bit of water.
 We just loved how cool those circles look on this image!
Here are all 16 images i altered yesterday - so much fun to spread them all out the next day and see them with fresh eyes.  I need to add some finishing touches, some captions, some stamps - but aren't they cool!  Thanks as always to our host D for another creative play date.  And to S for showing us how to do this.  Fun times!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Craft weekend Teaser

Here are some shots of my craftastic weekend with Karen.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Matchbox Swap - What I Received!

Here are the two matchboxes i received from the Curiosities Swap.  The top one from "jay" and the bottom one from "ell".  J's box was so charming and vintage looking with the tea stained floral fabric and gently aged floral lace applique.  L's box was more traditional halloween colouring with graphic patterned paper and nice crinkled ribbon holding a date charm.
Imagine how wonderful it is to take the first peak inside!  These babies are jammed packed with goodies!
Here are L's contents - i love the crisp colour palette especially the addition of the chartreuse.  Along with the paper medallians were some scatter sequins, two brass name plates, some creepy potion labels, spider web playing cards, black wings, feathers and beads.
I thought this was a clever way to "trade" washi tape.  Attach to a glossy card for easy removal.
Like me, both gals added some "extras" that were not inside the matchbox.  Ell included a six pack of glitter, some sparkly foam stickers, pipe cleaners, pencils, ribbons all contained in the coolest halloween goody bag!
Here are the contents of J's box - some lovely vintage lace and ribbon, a collection of shell beads, mini acorns and pumpkins, a spool of linen twine and a sweet little metal salt shaker.
J's little "extra" was not so little!  She cleverly used a charming book cover to sandwich a stack of goodies, tied with rayon seam binding and a vintage key.
Inside the bundle was an assortment of fabrics in rich tones, a cabinet card, a cool brochure and a couple of those illustrated items from Michaels - in this case some key rub-on's and a notepad with biniculars.
Thanks to both ladies for participating in this swap!  Sound like something you'd like to do?  Stay tuned to Heather's website and blog for the next Petite Inspiration Matchbox Swap!  Maybe we'll be swap partners!

Curiosities Theme Matchbox Swap

I participated once again in Heather's Petite Inspiration Matchbox Swap.  The theme was "Curiosities". 
 You could choose to do black and white, halloween, or just vintage.  I chose to do a sort of halloween steampunk collection of goodies - and used Heather's graphic as my inspiration, even included a large faux vintage key!
 I covered my box with text and images from an old Sear's catalog (reproduced) with various potions and elixers.  I added some purple and black ribbon to the edge and applied purple lace with a black button to the end of the box. 
 Here is the array of doodads i wanted to put INSIDE the box! I pulled together an assortment of cool vintage, metal and halloween themed items.
 Here is a cool idea - stamping on muslin. The spectacles and  bicycle are stamps from Michaels dollar bins.
 I purchased several containers from TAP Plastics to house the little things like buttons and metal findings.  You can see them in the middle above, little plastic vials, the clear purple box, the flat box, a square box.  And no, you are not seeing double!  I always make sure each of the two boxes contain the SAME items!  Not required - but it makes it fun to set my own restrictions!  Or else i'd never know when to stop!!
 Here are some small vintage-y images i put in a glassine envelope with a cool eye sticker.
 Here are large items that would not fit in the box - but i added along for the ride.  The vintage illustrations attached to a sheet of orange trading stamps are rub ons from Michaels.   I put them all in the black paper goodie bag with the cat's eyes.  The orange "happy halloween" is one of those foam cut outs.
 Here are more of the papers, napkins and transparencies i included.
 Here is how everything looked when it was ready to get packed up. The purple coffin is some kind of putty from CVS - more "modern" than i like - but i liked the colour matched my theme. I just love that butterfly ribbon. You can see what fit into the box, including a porcelain doll arm and some ribbons and lace.

 Here are a few more shots of my completed box.  I created a black tulle ruffle along with some purple shimmery ribbon to create a "nest" for a black raven bird from Michaels.  I made a crown out of a gold wire star, by bending it into a crown shape - then added some additional bling with sticky rhinestones.
My final touch was another muslin printed with the word SECRETS tied with a bit of ribbon and loosely draped over the bird. 
Be sure to check out examples of the other participants swaps here on flickr.
Here is my swap last year.