Saturday, February 14, 2009

one more valentine

I did a valentine themed art piece this week, that was inspired by a fellow blogger Beelieve. You can see her work here and here. I saw her textured hearts this week as part of the mixed media monday "romance" theme challenge. For my version I covered an 8x10 canvas with french dictionary paper. I chose pages with words like heart, love, tenderness, etc. Once applied i thinly brushed over it with white gesso. trying to be careful not to cover the words. then i applied a bit of pale aqua paint. Just cus. Next i drew a large heart shape with white glue. I have a bunch of really thin gauzy tissue. it isn't much good for anything because it has no weight. But i decided it would be perfect for my textured heart. I basically shredded up some pink, some blue and some white tissue and applied it to the glue shaped heart. more glue. more tissue. once it was sort of textured enought i applied more white paint to soften it. I had some space at the top so i added a romantic phrase. Since it was still off balance i added three vintage rhinestone buttons to the lower right side. You know the kind of thing you love but don't want to use up? Well i think they look lovely and deserving here!
Here is my finished piece. Or maybe it isn't finished. I might apply a coat of beeswax. or more paint. or other collage elements. i'm not sure. I need to live with it for a while.
Thanks Karen for the inspiration!

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