Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Water Colour Painting with the Family

 After all the excitement of Santa, and presents, great meals and fun games, I settled down to do some art with my niece and her dad.  I created this little birds on a cherry tree branch painting - my sister liked so much - she framed right away!
I am not really that good at water colours.  I am more of an acrylic painter - used to layering on (and fixing mistakes).  But this turned out ok.
 My niece is a brilliant artist and did this painting from a photograph she found on line.  She has the knack (which i lack) of leaving the white space where the sun sparkles on the water.
 My brother in law hasn't painted in many years - but is getting back into it.  Here is a first layer of a west coast scene.
 Another work in progress, some pretty fall birch trees.
 Anthony  is a pheasant hunter and illustrated a recent outing with his trusty Labrador, Jazz.
Here we are deep in the creative process at my sister's kitchen table.