Sunday, February 22, 2009

Channeling Papaya!

Today my altered book group meets to swap our books, do some show and tell, and do a creative workshop. I have been toying with the idea of creating collage artwork in the style of Anahata Katkin and her company Papaya. This is my Papalicious agenda. I also have a cool calendar. I do not like to post other artists' work on my site, so please click on the links to see her blog and company website. If you are a fan of her beautiful designs on cards and journals and want to try it yourself - here is how i am approaching it:

1. Background - we'll be using my freshly painted stash of deli paper. the fun colour combinations will be put to good use. We'll use glue stick to attach the deli paper to a 9x12 sheet of heavy water colour paper. Deli paper glues beautifully. I may have mentioned that.
2. Focal Point - instead if hand painted faces, we'll be using fashion magazine images. You just need to find a face you like. Below i chose the girl from the Mama Mia movie.
3. Embellishment - to surround the face we'll be using flowers, butterflies and birds. You can use stickers or take the time to cut them out of magazines.Many of Anahata's artworks include sun rays. I have some tape in assorted thicknesses for that. She also does alot with circles and ovals. I found using a roll of tape is perfect to create "earrings" with a coloured marker. And finally i used a stencil to write the work LOVE on the top. I have BEAUTY prepared as well.
I'll have more pics to share later today . Yes - i MUST remember to bring my camera!

Here are some other versions i am working on. These are on 18" square stretched canvases. I painted them solid robin's egg blue and used gel medium to collage on top. You can see how they have the same recipe. Background, focal point, and embellishment: Flowers, Circles, Sunrays. This one has some painting along with the collage to blend the elements.

This one is a bit edgier looking, but it still needs more details - that will soften it up. Hubby said, "It is hideous, yet i can't look away." You know, like Kramer's portrait on Seinfeld. I think it was a compliment...!

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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

fascinating and wonderful, thank you for sharing your process, I am inspired :)