Saturday, February 21, 2009

New altered book pages

Tomorrow i will be swapping Shelley's altered book, titled Written on the Body. Please be aware that my spreads include beautiful images of the female form, which might offend.

We were asked to use vintage photographs and combine them with words. When looking through my ephemera, i found this 1892 bill for a meat store in New Hampshire. I am SO NOT about making serious social commentary in my altered books. I just thought this was an amusing backdrop for a nude.

Shelley's book is a fragile old tome in a smallish size. It is too delicate for chunky embellishments - so i kept my pages quite flat.
This page evolved from two separate magazine clippings i found in my files. The page on the left is one of those "priceless" credit card ads. the one on the right was from a fashion magazine. they both had the same dappled sunlight. I added some mini sticker bubbles to enhance the effect. I am not sure why this spread came to be. My husband is a little shocked by it. I think the two "f" holes just called out for some words, and this just fit perfectly. Did you know they were called that? I didn't. But that makes it even MORE appropriate somehow. Let's pretend this model was pissed at Man Ray. Wouldn't you be if your butt was compared to a cello?

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