Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Valentine Cards

Here they are - so adorable, my latest valentines. My mailman must think i am one popular gal! This first one is from Sherry. And it is all SEWN together! How clever.
Here is the inside, you can see she used pattern instructions to enhance the stitchery theme. The hearts on the left were loose inside the card, so came tumbling out when i opened it. Here is a nice chunky ATC (artist trading card) from Sarah. it came wrapped in this silver tissue. I love the paper flowers. And another artistic friend emailed today to say she had some extra valentines and was planning to send me one. So i figured i should return the favour. I made this little gal from the stack of vintage postcard images i received last week at beeswax class. There are three months of calenders along the bottom of the image - the middle one being february. I used french dictionary paper for my background - using the page with "fevrier" and a french postage stamp. A few rose stickers and gold trim finish off the bottom edge.
Finally i did another volunteer session today and made pop-up heart cards with the kids. The boys were especially enthusiatic about making something they could give to mom. Just google "heart pop up cards" to get some easy patterns to do with your kids.
Thanks to Sherry and Sarah for the great cards. Thanks to Jen for the cool vintage images. And to Shelly for another card yet to come!

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