Saturday, February 4, 2012

Altered Composition Book Swap

I participated in a swap this month - whereby you were matched with two other people and had to create two altered composition books.  You mail one to each person, and they mail one to you.  Simple!  This was hosted by the same person who holds the altered matchbox swaps

 I started with two plain old dollar store composition books - black speckle on the outside, ruled pages inside. From conversions with my swap partners i knew i would stay in a fairly vintage theme - with one person requesting orange and other would default to my go to blue. the orange was a challenge at first - do i have enough orange? I sure do! It became clear rather quickly that i could make the theme all about butterflies. this would be a nice counterpoint to the second book about birds.
 Here is Beth's book.  I covered the cover of the composition book with assorted papers and lace and added birds cut from wrapping paper.  A silk ribbon is tied around the book with a pretty bow.
 Inside the cover i did a collage of 4 papers, including some french dictionay pages with birds on them, and added a pretty tag.
To carry the theme throughout the boog, on subsequent pages i stamped, collaged or added little birdie details like this.

 My goal was to make each page a delight.  But i did not decorate ALL the pages!  there were many left blank!
 Here is the back inside cover - using a page of handpainted deli paper and a few stamped birds.
Sorry this is tilted - but this is the back cover of the book.  Vintage wallpaper, sheet music and a collaged bird.
 Here is gretchen's book - she said orange was her favorite colour.  The cover of the book was done with a collage of papers and some sticky borders, a few lace medallians and a nice big butterfly wall sticker!  The hand dipped silk ribbon is tied around the center of the book.
 Inside the front cover i used a beautiful page from an anthropologie catalogue -a damsel surrouned by butterflies.  The facing page has some vintage ephemera and more butterflies.
 On subsequent pages i stamped and added more butterflies and envelopes.

 Inside each envelope was a little treat - some stickers or stamps.
 Inside the back cover was more hand painted deli paper (did i mention it glues beautifully?)
 The back cover was left black and white with assorted book pages and some alphabet washi tape.
Before putting the books safely in priority post flat rate envelopes, i wrapped them as "presents" with pretty coordinating wrapping paper, ribbons and for Gretchen, adorned with a glittery butterfly.

And here is Beth's book in the soft blue and aqua pallette i love so much.  This is the same wrapping paper i used to cut the birds on the cover of her book.  pretty organza ribbon and wee bird charm complete the package.
I'll write about the lovely books and goodies i received in return soon!

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Something Special said...

Oh I just get sad when I come across swaps that i would love to have been involved with, and then I tell mself, that "you didn't have time for this anyway and you know that!" lol Love it though