Sunday, October 2, 2011

Curiosities Theme Matchbox Swap

I participated once again in Heather's Petite Inspiration Matchbox Swap.  The theme was "Curiosities". 
 You could choose to do black and white, halloween, or just vintage.  I chose to do a sort of halloween steampunk collection of goodies - and used Heather's graphic as my inspiration, even included a large faux vintage key!
 I covered my box with text and images from an old Sear's catalog (reproduced) with various potions and elixers.  I added some purple and black ribbon to the edge and applied purple lace with a black button to the end of the box. 
 Here is the array of doodads i wanted to put INSIDE the box! I pulled together an assortment of cool vintage, metal and halloween themed items.
 Here is a cool idea - stamping on muslin. The spectacles and  bicycle are stamps from Michaels dollar bins.
 I purchased several containers from TAP Plastics to house the little things like buttons and metal findings.  You can see them in the middle above, little plastic vials, the clear purple box, the flat box, a square box.  And no, you are not seeing double!  I always make sure each of the two boxes contain the SAME items!  Not required - but it makes it fun to set my own restrictions!  Or else i'd never know when to stop!!
 Here are some small vintage-y images i put in a glassine envelope with a cool eye sticker.
 Here are large items that would not fit in the box - but i added along for the ride.  The vintage illustrations attached to a sheet of orange trading stamps are rub ons from Michaels.   I put them all in the black paper goodie bag with the cat's eyes.  The orange "happy halloween" is one of those foam cut outs.
 Here are more of the papers, napkins and transparencies i included.
 Here is how everything looked when it was ready to get packed up. The purple coffin is some kind of putty from CVS - more "modern" than i like - but i liked the colour matched my theme. I just love that butterfly ribbon. You can see what fit into the box, including a porcelain doll arm and some ribbons and lace.

 Here are a few more shots of my completed box.  I created a black tulle ruffle along with some purple shimmery ribbon to create a "nest" for a black raven bird from Michaels.  I made a crown out of a gold wire star, by bending it into a crown shape - then added some additional bling with sticky rhinestones.
My final touch was another muslin printed with the word SECRETS tied with a bit of ribbon and loosely draped over the bird. 
Be sure to check out examples of the other participants swaps here on flickr.
Here is my swap last year.

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