Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Banner

For the last two years i participated in valentine swaps - where you created 10 or so valentines and sent them to online craft buddies.  Then the fun of receiving a mailbox full of cards just for you!! This is what i sent out last year.
This year i did not do any valentines - but I still wanted to enjoy the fun of seeing a dozen or more pretty valentines displayed somehow. 
So i hung up some cording on pretty thumbtacks on a wall in our kitchen (where a canvas usually hangs) and attached all the valentines i received from the swaps.  Plus a few from hubby thrown in as well. 
It is so pretty to see all the feminine touches all in one place.  They are attached with mini clothespins. Thanks again to all the ladies who sent me the cards.  To see them closeup - you can check out HERE .
 I did receive one special valentine in the mail from my niece Erica. I love how the rich brown colour conjures up thoughts of chocolate! Thanks Erica!
This past weekend we took a lovely drive through West Marin up to Petaluma for lunch and a stroll through antique shops.  (anyone else glad that football season is over?)  We stopped to take this picture of a farm and vineyard - it is practically like living with Tuscany in your own backyard.
Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!

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