Monday, February 6, 2012

Paper Beads Play Date

 Last weekend i had yet another fun play date in the city (that would be San Francisco) with friends to create paper beads.  Sadly our guide for the afternoon took ill and had leave right way, but she did leave us with some samples and inspiration.  The first step is to cut long triangles of thin paper - about one inch at the wide point to 12 inches long made a good sized bead.
 Next you wrap it around a wooden skewer you have first rolled in embossing ink to lubricate it.
 Next you dip it in melted UTEE - ultra thick embossing enamel - which has been melted in a Ranger melting pot.  I've had these things for years and NEVER USED THEM!  When the beads come out they get all bubbly - which probably means we were doing something wrong.  But D. discovered that blowing on the while twirling and cooling, reduced the bubbles and bumps.
 After you dip (or before) you can wrap the beads in thin wire or metallic thread.  You can dip them again and again - which builds up the size.  You can also dip or sprinkle on micro beads or glitter.
 I think these are D's beads - she worked really fast - flicking the beads off the skewer after the first dip.
 I think these are L.'s - she used alot of powders and colours to make interesting beads.
 These are K's.  She did a very neutral palette of book paper and copper wire.  They would combine nicely in a necklace or bracelet.
  And i think these are Z's beads.  She used some map paper which gave a colourful effect.
Sorry the images are not that great - and yes - they do rather look like larvae!
Rememeber the Creative Outlet play date?  Here is Dorothy's magnificent finished piece.  She is absolutley channeling her inner Michael DeMeng!

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