Sunday, February 26, 2012

Altered Book Swap - Dance!

 I gave you a sneak peak of my friend Z's altered calendar "Dance" a month ago. Here are my finished pages.  We got together yesterday for a play date and to swap the books.  Here is MY book i already showed you, if you want to see how this project works.
 The interesting thing about this book is that it has a "portrait" orientation.  I used an image from a magazine with a field of flowers as a background.  Then the lady in the flowing dress was from another magazine ad. I cut slivers of the flower scraps and laid them on top of her dress for a visual effect of movement.  Hard to see, but the stickers say "2 B Free"!
 For this book, i went through all my magazine clipping looking for images related to dancing.  I found these two saucy ladies in a Vogue editorial.  They are wearing sort of flapper dresses with 1920's styled hair.  Too bad they don't look particulary happy about it!  Anyway - i used them to represent the dancing style of the Charleston. I dolled them up with some feathers in their hair and a touch of bling.
 Hidden below this fringe is their name, Flappers, and an extra leg was added to show a bit of razz-m-m-tazz.
 I could not work in a book about dancing with representing myself as a young ballerina.  Here i am on a page with a patchwork of Degas dancers.  I used some white paint to soften the edges and give a painterly touch.  A bit of lace, pearls, a little pink rose and a border of pink pom-poms complete the sweet soft spread. And yes, once upon a time, i had no boobs.
 February ended on one side, which meant that i had to do a "half-spread" in the book.  I used this image from a Vanity Fair magazine showing a male dancer in his studio.  I like how the grey and black image is offset nicely with some torn edges, outlined in soft pink.  Working in a calendar like this - you want to have some continuty, so it worked with the pompoms - albeit with a touch of juxtaposition of the masucline/feminine thing going on.
 Here is one of the sign in pages Z created at the back of the book.  There were little pockets containing a wooden tag to decorate.  I added an image of showgirl's fishnet stockings and silver shoes on top of a glossy tile background (from a tile ad actually) and added some yellow ribbons and a feather for that showgirl pizazz.
Here is the back cover of Z's book.  I wonder what other dance styles people will come up with for this great little book?!  For the month of March i'll be working in K's book, with a theme of 1963.  I'll have to come up with some interesting things that happened  49 years ago!

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Zenetta said...

I am so glad you posted on your blog because it prompted me to look for my book. LOVE what you did. Can't wait to see it and touch it. Also I am reminded I need to do a tag....thanks again.