Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Altered Photos

I spent a lovely afternoon altering photos with a lovely group of ladies a few weeks ago.  Yes - i "cheated' on my regular play date group!  An old friend, D. saw my altered photos HERE and asked me if i could give her a lesson.  Then she asked if we could get a group of gals together for a potluck lunch and a day of crafting.
The supplies are simple: you need a bowl of water (i used cake tins) and some sugar free Koolaid. I had cherry, orange and grape. But if you can find blueberry or lime - i would get those too! My grocery didn't have them. You also need some kind of sand paper and an awl. That's it! Oh, plus a bunch of photos you'd like to alter. Remember when you used to get doubles at the drugstore because it was only a buck extra? Well dig them out and start creating cute little works of art!

Here are the impressive assortment of photos altered by the gals.  The technique is simple.  Just send me $10 in a self dressed stamped envelope and i will send them to you.  hahaha  Seriously - it is SO simple - just read!
  1.  Take a photo back and white or colour, developed at a photo place - ie NOT from your home printer, and NOT from a kiosk.  Sadly really old BW photos don't work as well.
  2. Get it wet in a bowl of plain tap water - just a few seconds is plenty.
  3. Then start sanding.  Sand off whatever you want - the sky is a good place to start - because you can colour it something else.  Or sand off people you don't like, or ugly things in the background that mess up your composition.  
  4. Use the a pointy bit of sand paper to get in close to an object you want to keep.
  5. then use an awl to add detail to the photo - like the architecture of a building, or the branches of a tree.  
  6. Then drop the photo in a bowl of koolaid.  I used two packets to about two cups of water.  You can leave it in as long as you like to get some nice deep colour - maybe 5 - 10 minutes? 
  7. Take it out and dry it with paper towels.  You can sand or scratch some more, and even soak it in a different colour.
  8. Then you can add you owl details with watercolour paint, water soluable oil pastels (my favorite), markers and even collage elements like paper, tapes and rubber stamps
 I especially like how architecture works - with the details highlighted with an awl.

 The old photos did not "sand" very well - but they did absorb the purple koolaid in a really cool way - purple mountains majesty, anyone?
 Aren't these cute!?

 What a fantastic assortment of altered photographs from a talented goup of ladies!

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