Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Altered Calendar Round Robin

Sorry - something happened to the picture - i'll fix it tonight!
After a year of having no round robin altered book swaps, my group of creative friends started up a new project for 2012.  D. purchased a bunch of 2011 calendars (actually she got them free) at SCRAP, a San Francisco depository for cool cheap art supplies.  They are all the same, with B. Kliban cat illustrations on postcards within the book.  Spiral bound and quite small - they measure about 5" by 6".

Here are the interesting themes we chose for our own books:
1. Beach House
2. Dance
3. Beach Glass
4. Maps and Mustaches
5. Under the Sea
6. 1963
Yes - as you can see, three of us chose beachy/water/sea life themes - but there is just enough of a difference to make the round robin an interesting project for this year.  As i work on each of the books - i'll show you images of the covers and my pages.
For my book - the title is Beachouse  - mainly because i only had one "H" in the cute blue sparkly letters.  I am actually a master at turning letters into other letters when necessary, but in this case, it just fit so perfectly to spell it wrong!
On my intro page i asked the participants to think about their "dream beach house" and create spreads based on that, keeping in a cool clean colour theme of blues, sandy beige's and white. 
Each month we will swap books, and since there are 6 of use - we'll each work in our own books for January and July.  At the end of the year, we'll have a book filled with collage and artwork representing our chosen theme!
 I only did a "half spread" here - because our rules say that if the page has more days of the following month, then that page belongs to the next person.
This is what the blank spreads look like - we have the choice to add some journaling - or like i prefer- just to add pretty pictures.
 It is always a good idea to add your contact info in case the book goes astray.
  My sign in page features some seahorse stickers that the artists can sign and alter however they like.  Maybe they'll add some pretty plumage-like fibers and some bling!
 Here is the back cover of my book.  I took a window from one image, a beach scene from another, and cushions from two other magazines and collaged it all together.  The final touch was to add some pretty ribbons and lace to the spiral binding to add some texture.
I work on "Dance" next - here is a sneak peak:

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