Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Greek and Roman to Me

I just completed two spreads in Carol's latest altered book. Her theme is Greek and Roman influences - from the planets to the gods to the alphabet. Mars, Diana, Cronus and various muses were already taken. So i chose Venus and Achilles to inspire my pages. My goal was to create rich depth with layering painted deli paper with other textures. I printed the images onto matte photo paper.
I chose Venus for her beauty and the mistique of her missing limbs. Check out wikipedia for the story of her discovery - it is quite interesting. the thong? well, a bit of humour is always fun in an altered book.
I chose Achilles because of my own serious ankle injury a few years ago. I too feel vulnerable there now. I like how all the various papers come together.
As always, there is a sign in page when you are participating in an altered book round robin. I had my friend Z over this week to help me organize the remaining papers that hadn't been filed when i cleaned out my craft room. She found a page from a story book about Orion, so that made a perfect sign in tag.

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