Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafts for kids: altered shipping tags

I have been doing volunteer work at a couple of local elementary schools while i continue looking for a job. At one school i do once a week with some older girls. We have been doing altered books. It took a while to get them into it - but i think they are hooked. Next week they asked for something with a theme of cupcakes and sweets! I'll have to put my thinking cap on for that one. On Tuesday we did a spread with red, black and marbled grey paper as a background for flaps made out of playing cards. Sorry no pics - we leave the books at school.Today i worked with the younger kids. Last week we did ATC's along with an accordion folder to take them home. Today we did altered shipping tags with a library book style envelope.
Here are the steps for the envie: i precut heavy handmade paper into 10" by 6" rectangles
using a template i outlined the areas for the kids to cut away and then round over the top portion
fold in the flaps at the top and bottom
staple the sides closed
For the tags i had each child select three pieces from the coordinating papers i had assembled - in a green, yellow and red pallette. We tore three strips about 2" by 6" from the paper.
We worked with plain shipping tags - but you could just as easily cut cardstock into a tag shape. Next we applied glue to one side of the tag and attached the strips.
They applied glue to the back and folded the paper over. Trimmed away the excess with scissors. And re-punched the tag hole.
Each child chose a wooden bug to attach to their card.And a ribbon or fun fibre. Then they could go crazy with stickers. I keep trying to get them to use restraint with the stickers, but I guess 7 and 8 year olds are not clear on the "less is more" theory of design! Finally they could slip their tag into the envelope and take it home to surprise mom and dad!
Since i have been looking at these little wooden bugs, i think a ladybug would just be the perfect addition to the wall art quote i did earlier this week!


Dee Dee said...

So sweet, love the little ladybug.

Wendy said...

Great projects!

I'm curious - why were the older girls reluctant to try altering books? I admit it's something that I had to really try to overcome; books are sacred, you don't "destroy" them! (I got over that.) :D