Friday, March 20, 2009

Field Trip - West Marin

Jim and I made a trip out to Point Reyes Station to enjoy the verdant green hills and pastoral scenery and to see my famous rooster in situ. The crowds of people respected my privacy as i toured the main street and took in all the barn art. Not one person bothered me for my signature. I command that kind of respect. Would you believe there was actually a real live rooster crowing in the barn behind when we took this picture!
Here is Jim with my friend Lucie's colourful cow in front of Toby's Feed barn and the Geography of Hope welcome booth.
I think this cow is one of my favorites - covered with white cotton rags - it looks just like a big hairy sheepdog.
My rooster made the cover of the West Marin Citizen.
Here is another rooster covered with camo screen fabric.
This cow is pretty cool - it is covered with cheesecloth to hold the earth, grass and flowers. Gotta love them pink boots.

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Lorraine said...

these sculptures are well wacky but great fun..what a cool place