Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introducing Erica - my niece and altered book artist

Diane: how long have you been creating altered books?
Erica: I did my first altered book in January 2009. The ballet book is only the second one. Diane: what is your favourite subject in school?
Erica: My Favourite subject in school is a tie between drama and art Diane: what are some of your other hobbies?
Erica: me and my friends like to go to movies a lot.Diane: what made you create an altered book with a ballet theme?
Erica: My mother and I were cleaning our office and I found all the pictures and she said I could have them Diane: where did you get your beautiful images?
Erica: They were from an old calendar Diane: I love how you used the simplicity of a single word on the page to enhance the image and colours. How did you pick your words?
Erica: The word beauty on one of the pages was lightly written on the paper I used so I thought it would look better if I went over it. The other words I thought were like a little story about the ballerina Diane: what kind of book did you use as your base?
Erica: I was an old children’s safety book. Diane: what will your next altered book be? Do you have new themes planned?
Erica: I have started one using an old puppy calendarDiane: You have a great variety of papers and embellishments. Do you have a lot of craft supplies?
Erica: Yes I have lots of craft supplies. I have a lot of stickers and ribbons. The paper I used was a big pack I got at Wal-MartDiane: Fly away is one of my favorites. Which one is your favourite spread?
Erica: I like the blossom one because the word is like encouragement to the ballerina all curled up Diane: Thank you so much Erica for sharing your beautiful art with me and my blog readers.
Erica: My pleasure

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unlikelycrafter said...

my favorite spread is the one with the cotton balls! The geometric design on the right is so cool!