Thursday, June 4, 2009

The artistic affaire birdhouse mania!

Here are some shots of the actual birdhouse swap event at the Artistic Affaire. Bryanna was the hostess of the swap. In addition to guiding us through the process, she gave us each a little gift - a hand made yarn basket with a wee birdie.
This is Bryanna with the barn owl house i decorated. She loves owls and polka dots. I filled the box base with owl themed paper and doo dads. it is funny - everywhere i go now i see owls!
This was a specatular birdhouse - ala marie antoinette.
Three more sweet houses.
It was fun to see all the shapes.
Mariboo feathers and a bird castle
Black and cream and beautiful packaging.
So colourful.
Very romantic and feminine.
Here is a closeup of the back of the house i made.
and the front - i added the owl pendant after i found it at michaels in the bead dept!

If ever you participate in a swap like this - my advise is go overboard! Have fun, be creative, and don't forget the presentation is part of the fun!


Zenetta said...

Diane, Love the way your barn owl birdhouse turned out! Was that deli paper that you glued (beautifully) on the top? Zenetta

Aileen said...

What a great event you attended, looks like loads of fun!! I love all the pictures you made me feel like I was there almost! Great job on the owl house and your bird box was beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!