Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Altered Book came home

My altered book, A Gift of Life, was returned home to my new home - down here in Southern California. These two images above are pages straight from the book - no artist intervention. As you may recall, (or read about it here) my book was an illustrated Hallmark book from the 70's with some nice nature images and some seriously schmaltzy prose about the gift of life - birds and bees, and deer and frogs. My Northern Cal altered book friends have decided to keep the group going - i will participate remotely or virtually or whatever way i can! They met last month for a final swap of the spring books and to initiate the new swap for summer. These two are by Shelly - never content to just do a simple spread,above she did a series of tags that can flipped back and forth to give different views of landscapes. Below she inserted a set of flaps showing an assortment of trees.This page by Carol has pop up fish swimming upstream, with a bonus fish that swings out of a secret pocket on the edge of the page. This page by Dorothy where she took the text printed in the book - and continued with her own handwritten thoughts.
Here are the sign in tags, decorated by each artist:
The great thing about this book, is that because it already had illustrations - with only a dozen or so "altered" pages - it seems done! I could add a few things here and there - but it still feels complete.
Thank you so much to Dorothy, Shelley and Carol for keeping this altered book art going and including me.

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