Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Artistic Affaire Recap

Yesterday i attended a wonderfully and thoughtfully organized art retreat in Los Angeles called an Artistic Affaire created by Kim Caldwell.  No detail was left untouched by pink, roses, feminity  - is was a girlie girl fantasy.

The ceiling was filled with giant pom-poms of pink tissue balls
Here is table 3 - i met a great goup of fun ladies.  
you can see the supplies for our first workshop as well as our name tags, the menu of events, and chocolate!
Here is the tea table - we had a selection of treats including the most devine chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting.
There were vendors set up with a selection of products and art for us to purchase.  This is the display of Michelle Legler - one of our workshop instructors.
Here is the display at the drinks trolley - kept stocked throughout the day with tea and cold drinks.
This is my atempt at creating a mosaic - so much fun!
This the table where the place cards were kept. 

more pom poms
Here is another vendor table.
This was the kit box for the workshop given by Amy Powers.
Another vendor table of goodies.
Here is breakfast.

This is me back home in my rented cottage.  Look at all my swag, swaps and treats.
OMG - all I can say is oh - my - god - what an amazing event!!!!!
Stay tuned for more!


unlikelycrafter said...

Wow! Looks very fun. What a good way to kick off your LA stash!

freckledstar said...

Great pictures. It was so nice to meet you. I hope everything is going well with your moving!! I bet you can't wait to have a creative space again:)

bryannalenan said...

Thank you again for the lovely owl house... love it! It was a pleasure to meet you and I do hope to see you again!