Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home wreath

Our first class at the Artistic Affaire mini retreat was with Amy Powers. and she is the most delightful instructor. After insisiting that we all leave stress and insecurities aside and just have fun - we dove in. Our tables were set with the supplies for our wreath. An mdf (fiberboard) circle and house shape and a cute pink box filled with the fabric and flowers and buttons and doodads - all thoughtfully packaged with ribbons and tags and little jar with flowers on top.
Here you can from the instrutors table - a wreath in progress - you merely tie fabric strips around the wreath form and tie a couple of knots. If you have a dominant colour - then space it equally around - and leave space at the bottom where the house goes. She had balls of fabric strips to choose from - in addition to those included in our kits. Included in our kits were little plaster birds that Amay made by hand attaching them to a springy wire - so they could fly over the house. She showed us hot to paint them, and add a little party hat.
After tying on the fabric strips, we created flower clusters with the petals from a hydrangea silk flower - stacking a few different sized petals and adding a button. The wooden house shape could be collaged as we liked with papers provided - or our own stash. I added some vintage images to the window and doors.
Here is another student's wreath in progress - i love the butterfly - it is a nice touch. And the pom-pom trim on the roof - adorable!

Here is another sample wreath - this one has pretty floral paper on the house:
The house was glued to the wreath with wood glue. Then the whole thing was coated with tacky glue and sprinked with sugar crystal glitter.
Here is me with my completed wreath! Thanks Amy...!!

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Queen of Dreamsz said...

That is really a cute wreath..very inspiring!