Sunday, June 14, 2009

The New Craft Studio

The craft room "before"
(and where we slept our first night here!)
I started a new job in So Cal April 1st, so i moved with a coupld of suitcases and a tote of art supplies. My husband packed up the whole house and flew down here to join me and we moved into our new home, a swanky condo in Pasadena, June 1st.
The craft room "during"
(this is only a small portion of the stuff)
How amazing is it that i have a dear friend, Z, who PACKED ALL MY ART SUPPLIES for me? She also packed all my crystal and china, and not a single thing broke, she did such an awesome job.Anyway, last weekend i spent the day with my husband trying to make some sense of the gigantic pile of boxes. We erected 7 black metal shelving units and loaded them up with all the boxes. So at least they are no longer in a pile on the floor. I cannot say i know where anything is, nor is it at all functional, but i can say that it looks terrific - and I cannot wait to get crafting.In our old place, we had a separate office from the craft room. Here we have to share. So we created a sort of room within a room where the shelves create a divider. In a way it makes it easier - everything will be at my arms reach while seated at the desk.
But before i get started - i need to cover up the white wall to wall plush carpeting - this is a rental, afterall!


Zenetta said...

I like the way you did your craft room. You are like the "Craft Queen" in the middle of it all! Looks really convenient.

Aileen said...

Okay I can remember when you had just a few things, wholly molley you have more then me I think LOL