Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Altered Book - Purple

Here is a shot (from the web) of the incredible purple jacaranda trees in Pasadena - which inspired this book.

Here is the cover of my newest altered book - PURPLE. Beleive it or not the book is actually titled The Purple Plain - and i found it completely by accident in a box of books that were still packed from the move!
I am going to be doing a new altered book swap this summer - a "tip-in" swap. If you have not heard of that, it is a variation of the traditional altered book round robin. Instead of mailing books around to your fellow artists, instead you work on individual pages. Then you mail JUST the pages to each other. When you receive pages for your book, you "tip-in" to your original book.
This is the inside cover - using three different scrapbook papers

How do you do a tip-in swap? There are a few ways.
One is to cut two pages out of your book - leaving about 1/2 inch inside the book. When another artist creates their pages you specify the dimensions of the page. They create collage on the front and back - leaving a bit of a border along one edge undecorated. THen they mail you the pages. You glue their page in between the two leftover cut pages - in essence like glueing the pages back into your book.
This is the intro page. Since the book will not be mailed around, we are posting out themes, page sizes and instructions on a wiki site for all the participants to see.
Another way to to a tip in is to decorate just one side of your pages - then mail them off. You would then glue them ON TOP of an existing page in your book.
This is a picture from the web of a yellow car completely surrounded by fallen jacaranda blossoms. This is in south africa where jacaranda trees are quite abundant.

This is a purple passion flower really close up. Almost alien looking! I have instructed my fellow artists to create pages in any theme they like - so long as it is predominantly purple.


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Brilliant idea for an altered book, now if I could just decide on one color. Purple is beautiful that street lined with purple blooms is breathtaking as is the passion flower, nature is perfect inspiration, your pages look great! I am a huge fan of altered books, it is what got me into mixed media some years ago. :)

Aileen said...

WOW I want trees like those, how beautiful! Gorgeous!! Perfect to use for Purple!

Your niece's card looks like she's rubbed elbows with you have you been rubbing off on her? ;-)

Aileen said...

It just dawned on me that the car in the driveway with the blossoms match my house LOL too funny!