Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Creative Entrepreneur Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with 9 fascinating women in San Anselmo last weekend. It was taught, or perhaps facilitated is a better word, by Lisa Sonora Beam, the creative force behind the new book, A Creative Entrepreneur. FYI - the book is full size, over 100 pages. This was a pamphlett we used in the class.
I would have shared this sooner, except that in my haste to rush to two parties Saturday night, i left behind my supplies case, including my digital camera. Hubby picked it up for me this afternoon so I can proud to share what i made.
We started by dumping a bag of assorted papers each of us had brought to the class on the large table. As Lisa said, we did not bring junk - we all brought really cool papers. The first project was to gather up whatever caught our eye. It was interesting to see how palettes would develop. Mine was very neutral - with touches of orange and gold. Once a dozen or so papers were selected and arranged, and tied with ribbon or yarn, we created the first of many journals. The lesson was to just "DO IT". Not to over-think it. Just dive in and get started, and before you know it, you have something completed. This was one of many simple messages throughout the day.
Next we did introductions and talked about each person's goals and interests. Overall the theme was to "get back to art" or to find oneself through art. Be more spontaneous, and in my case - see if there is money to be made!
Here we took a striped file folder, tore it into 4 pieces and each made two mini journals. One i made into a girlie girl book with lots of pink and purple, adding some rub-ons and stickers. The other became more masculine with greens and browns and some ledger paper.
The next mini journal idea was to create some very simple books with solid color card stock, and brightly hued paper. We used 8 1/2" by 11" paper - just torn in half. These can be made fast and easy, and given as gifts. We used a long reach stapler to bind these, with some ribbon for an added touch.
The next idea that Lisa shared was to make journals with cards you have collected. These can be christmas or birthday cards, or the cards you buy that you have NO INTENTION of ever giving away! (i have hundreds of these!!) Lisa showed us several examples - where she used the blank side of the paper to add journaling - thoughts about the sender, what she was thinking about that person, etc. Here i made one with some cards i made on nice italian card stock, with a image from a sheet of vintage French postcards. I used 4 cards, some flipped backwards, interleaved with some light handmade paper and tissue. The bird needs to be cut out and attached to the cover.
These long and narrow journals were made primarily from scrapbook paper i brought from home. Do you have nice paper you don't know what to do with, but you just Love It? Take the 12x12 sheets and fold them in half lengthwise. Glue them back to back, and staple together.
For this one i used a transparancy sheet with bird cages - it makes a great cover. Looks "store bought" if you know what i mean. The twin birds on the inside are one of those pages from inside the Somerset Studio magazine.
Here is one more long and tall journal, with a vintage mid century modern feel. Just wanted to use this cool paper, that never seems to be the right thing for an altered book project - so it works best just standing on its own.
I heard about this workshop from the Decor8 blog. She often shares the work of artists who have turned their talents into a business. Check it out.
The mini journal workshop will be offered again in January, along with some other more in depth classes - please check them out at Lisa's website.
Thanks Lisa for a great class, and it was nice meeting all the ladies who participated, and reconnecting with some friends and former students. I just touched on the lessons from the class, but Lisa had many meaningful ideas and tips for an artist who wants more. I would highly recommend taking a class with her.


Butterfly Farm Pottery said...

I just checked HGTV's website and they're starting up our season in January. First episode airs on Jan 5th!

Dianne said...

Wonderful photos of your journals, and excellent description of the is so cool to get together with other creative people...thanks for sharing the experience with us. Love all the papers you used in your books!