Monday, December 15, 2008

That's Clever is back

For those of you who have been filmed for the HGTV show That's Clever, there is good news! The shows are going to start airing again in January. If you are in the 400 series, like me, you can start keeping an eye on the HGTV website for show info.

This is the cute sound guy. Sorry i forget your name! I had a mic clipped to my shirt and they used a boom as well.

I am on show 407, which is scheduled to air on January 15th. I was filmed for this in November 2006! So yeah, i have been waiting a long time. I have read blogs of people who were filmed for the 500 series already - so you still have a while to wait for your shows.

Here are some shots of the wonderful yet grueling experience. Here is the dreamy director, Sergio. The crew were here for 7 hours. It is a 6 minute segment, so they have a lot of unusable footage to cut out. That is probably what took so long! I thought for sure i would be a natural at this, and they would be offering me my own show. Actually i sucked at it! Really! even though i am a pretty good teacher, i just could not get the hang of the three simple rules for TV:

1. Say "I" not "WE". This is especially hard for an instructor who is used to sharing her work with a class. But apparently on TV saying "WE" just looks stupid because you are the only one there.

2. Look at the camera. Not at the cameraman. Really, duh, no brainer, right? Wrong. It is nearly impossible to ignore the big guy holding the camera two feet away. it is POLITE to look him in the eye. But looks stupid on camera. Watch for this when you see the show.

3. Don't make noise while you are talking. it is an instructional show, right? so it is natural to talk about what you are doing. Unless it is noisy, then speak first, then do.

You also have to work hard to be on these shows - i had to prepare 8 separate versions of my project at different stages. So with the prep work and the grueling 7 hour shoot - i have been most anxious to see the show.

Here is the project i made - an altered book keepsake box. The producers wanted something rich in techniques - so i gave them one. Not sure if all of it will make it onto the show, but we did hand painted paper, carved a niche, created a mica window, painted and glazed the box, created a stone like heart, and collaged the cover.

But please - don't anyone watch it. It is sure to be incredibly embarrassing. let me see it first, then i'll let you know if it is ok, and you can wait for the reruns!

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vintagepix said...

Our DVR started picking up the new episodes, so I wondered when your segment would air! (It's already programmed in so I'll be watching and re-watching ;o)