Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas eve tapas

Here are some shots of the very tasty tapas party we went to Christmas Eve at our neighbour's house. I almost never cook anymore, but this was a fun occasion and i wanted to try some new things. Having Top Chef marathon running in the background all day inspired me!
Here is Z's beautiful table:I made spicy garlic shrimpstuffed mushroomsmanchego stuffed dates wrapped in bacon spicy empanadas
and gazpacho
Z. made several tasty appetizers, like artichoke hearts with a red pepper spread and a egg and potato torta. Plus offered us an array of almonds, sevilla spiced olives, assorted spanish cheeses and grapes. And some cured ham and melted cheese bites.
And for the main course an impressive paella:
D. made a luscious bouche de noel to end the delicious meal

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