Tuesday, December 2, 2008

economic recovery!!

Yes - it's true. Both the NASDAQ and the DOW were up today. You know why? Because Diane went shopping.
That's right -
All will be right with the world. Your 401k's will rebound. The Grinch can bring back Christmas. And i had fun.
Does this mean i got a job? Sadly, no. But i have sent many applications, so there are jobs out there. I just have to find the right one. In the meantime, look at all the cool stuff i bought! Wall Street will be so pleased.
I had not been to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse in a long time.(pictured above) If you are looking for cool stuff - this is the place to find it CHEAP. (This is the store in Oakland, there is a similar place in San Francisco.) They had buckets of plastic letters, many fonts and sizes. How cool! I just grabbed them by the handful. Oddly i got home with everything but an "L" and a "V" and the numbers 3 and 4.
I also got these cool little images. UC Berkeley donated them to the store. not sure what they were - but they have hundreds of images, mostly architectural, sculptural or art images. fifty cents each. I selected some images of gothic churches and a couple of pastoral scenes.
They have thousands of rubber stamps - a close out, i imagine, from Hero Arts. I had to hold back and just get one set of four. I will be participating in a cookie swap this christmas, so i can stamp "enjoy" on the tags! I also got dozens of card blanks - they sell them by the inch!
In addition to paper and fabric and office supplies, there are boxes of just stuff. You have to dig through it to find perhaps some treasures. I found these little angels and some capiz shell coasters. I have a project in mind for these little angels - i'll share with you next week.
While on the east bay, i went to Tail of the Yak, a cool shop on Ashby in Berkeley i recently read about on someone's blog. I had never heard about it. Very cool place - they hAdd Imageave fascinating architectural fragments, a huge birdcage (with a real bird) and dolls dressed in paper gowns. I bought a few silly things - just to get a taste of their cleverness. These metal bird and bug pins are so cute and colourful. And the paper bobeches could be used for all sorts of things, besides protecting the table from dripping wax, that is. Angel wings maybe? Halos?
So all in all some fun finds. I spent less than $30 for all of it.

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