Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tree topper

The star i made here actually made it to the top of our christmas tree! That was not my intention when i made it. But last year i went all robin's egg blue and bird crazy for our christmas tree. All the ornaments were put in a new robin's egg blue tote in the garage.
So the large gold leaf star i have been using for the past 20 christmases is packed in the GOLD ornament box. Buried under the Burgundy ornament tote. Underneath the Paris themed box. Beside the mercury glass tote marked FRAGILE. The ones that are way to heavy to put on a tree. So anyway this star was just sitting there on the sideboard - and it matches perfectly - so why not set it on top of the tree?
Seriously, i could have 10 trees and not run out of ornaments. I didn't even mention the Noah's ark ornaments - dozens of animals, two of each of course, or the pastel ornaments i had in our first house with the 80's style peach and aqua colour theme. I also had a beaded fruit phase. Oh and the traditional folkloric ornaments that i never plan to use, but buy after christmas when they are on sale and plan to tie onto gifts, but never do because i cannot bear to part with them.
Oh, and the music ornaments. Can't forget those. I have LOTS of those. Drums (hubby is a pro drummer), string instruments, brass and silver wind instruments, and even little keyboards. Usually i add them to the garland that is strung on the banister. I made the little wall hanging last year - it says Little Drummer Boy.
Anyway - the tree is up and looks great in the new blue living room - as i knew it would a year ago when i first started this blog, and started collecting the blue ornaments. And my bird obsession? That has not dissipated one bit.

Thanks again to Rachel Killpack for the star inspiration!

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