Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Creative New Year...!

When i started this blog a year ago i had several goals. I wanted an alternative to updating my altered book studio website, which was cumbersome. I wanted to keep my students engaged with the creative things i was doing, swaps i participated in, and new workshops i developed.
I wanted to provide step by step illustrations and instructions on how to create your own simple yet beautiful works of art.
And i wanted to create a voice - a place to share my thoughts on collecting, teaching, taking classes, swapping and the community of creative artists focusing on paper and mixed media collage.

I also had a personal mandate to update this blog at least every two days. I did not quite keep that up. But this is officially my 127th entry, so i did manage to post less than every three days!

We have friends visiting for the holidays, so our days are spent enjoying the sights and sounds and tastes of northern california, not so much hanging out on the computer, or in the craft room. But I'll be back in a few days to share more of my creative pursuits.

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers of this blog. I hope i kept you entertained and that you are inspired once in a while to create some art.


wanda miller said...

diane, this is person, we met at asilomar in april. we were in 2 classes together. i laughed at your writings on the t.v. show. and i have been following you and your talent. and you are an inspiration. some day carolyn (my sister) and i may make it to one of your classes. i have a very first blog and am learning about everything new this entails. i wish you a happy new year. i was the one on vendor night with the purses and scarflettes. smile here

seth said...

Happy new year to you. And congrats on blogging for a year!