Saturday, March 1, 2008

Is Spring here yet?

Probably not - but it sure feels like it! The rains seem to be gone and we have had beautiful sunny days all week. For the first time in a long time i have no pressing due dates, no classes to prepare for until the end of the month, nothing to swap for several weeks. So i am doing some much needed tidying up around the studio.
I suffer from a very common problem with collage artists. And that is the aversion to putting anything "away". I think since i was a child and i did not understand why i could not leave all my Barbie's spread out on the living room floor,now as an adult i get to leave everything spread out all over the floor if i want. Well unless i want to stay happily married, then i try to restrict my mess to my studio, the office, the landing at the top of the stairs and my bathroom.
My husband tries to tell me that even fisherman have to mend their nets, so too should i take a weekend and organize myself again. it is true that walking into a clean organized studio does make it easier to work. Yet when i am in the midst of a project i get lazy and just leave everything scattered around the floor.
Once my husband announced prodly that he had vacuumed my craft room. "Oh,no" i cried, "what about all the potential treasures on the floor he might not recognize?" The lost buttons, brads, postage stamps and photo corners that always end up falling, with no time to bother and pick them up, are now gone to the great trash bin in the sky. Or the dump down the highway, whatever.
To celebrate this beautiful sunny day i am sharing some pictures in did a few years ago in a "true colors" themed round robin. Her colors were pink and orange and I did a specatular spread of 4 faces surrounded by bountiful flowers. The faces are all split in three and can fold back and forth to create many new faces. It was quite a challenge to get the noses and mouths to all line up.

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