Sunday, March 2, 2008


Chris and Aileen both sent in comments about the pages in my latest altered book, "Things I Suck At". I will happily send you both a goody bag of paper treats - please send me your addresses. Since I am not sure of the blogging contest protocals, can i ask you to go to my website - (link on the left) and click on "contact me" to get my email address. Use that to send me your address. I promise never to share that information, so on and so on.
So this spread was illustrating how I suck at driving backwards. The red cellophane on the left is depicting the fire-y crash that MIGHT have happened the time i backed into the attendant booth at a self serve gas station. There are flame coloured feathers sandwiched between the red papers and then ruffled up and attached to the page with tape. Luckily there were no injuries and i did not cause a fire but i did damage the booth pretty badly. Remember folks - as explained in an earlier post - this book is about the things i do badly. I do a great many things really well!! Driving backwards just isn't one of them!!
This spread is illustrating how i suck at tearing the paper off straws. I mean - i am not an idiot - i can tear the paper off a straw. What i cannot do is that simple one-step twist-and-it-is-done that servers in restaurants can do so well. I removed quite a few pages to create a gap in the book for the thickness of the straws. The tape in the background is meant to convey confusion and chaos. Like what you see at the movie theatre when we are rushing to get our snacks and i make a big mess at the drinks dispenser. Whatever happened to those gizmos that rolled out one hygienic straw at the push of a button? Wouldn't they be more environmentally correct than paper covered straws? Then people like me could live without the public embarrassment....!

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Whoohoo I won, too cool!
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