Friday, March 21, 2008

Creativity is looming...

After a few weeks of completely ignoring my creative urges - here it is Easter weekend and the project ideas are literally oozing out of me. I just got an email from Amazon who has arguably the best marketing program going. You know how they "suggest" books you might like? Well normally this one wouldn't really interest me - but since it is Easter and cute-ness reigns supreme I just had to try making these button flowers.

I grabbed some of the scrapbook paper i had left over from my Kelly Rae Roberts workshop and started cutting out leaf shapes. I then folded each one in half lengthwise to create the effect in the picture. They seemed to use layered paper - but mine are already so colourful i don't think they need it. What's great is they are printed on both sides.
Here is the second Kelly Rae collage i did at my workshop. These are fun an can be addictive. See post below to learn how to make your own. Remember how i was worried about "copying" her?
Well the latest Cloth Paper Scissors has another article all about how to create Kelly's art and includes several images sent in my readers. One person even taught her class how to make them!

Now to figure out how to assemble these button flowers....without out actually HAVING the book (it comes out April 1st) i have to deduce that you should pass the wire through the paper leaves and through the holes in the stacked buttons. So off to find my button collection...

My collection is neatly sorted by colour in little screw top jars from the container store. They stack neatly. Sadly they don't seem to carry them anymore and i could really use a few more. I can never turn down a bag of old buttons at an estate sale that some lady saved for years! Oh, and don't let this fool you. Very few of my things are thusly "neatly organized!"

I selected a range of buttons in aqua,green, orange and yellow and stacked them by size. I used a fine guage wire - but thicker would probably be better. But it was the first wire i came across . I cut about 20" lengths. Passed it through the holes starting with the smallest button. Then poked two holes in the paper leaves, and gave it a few good twists. A dab of glue or maybe a sticky dot would probably make them a bit less wobbly.
Now like any self respecting crafter i have green florist tape. I just don't remember where. But when I find it i'll wrap the stems. Won't these look cute on my Easter table, i know - mixed in with a bouquet of daffodiles!

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