Monday, March 10, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Well, after several weeks of complete creative paralysis, i found something tonight worth posting on my blog. This magnificent sunset, over Big Rock Ridge in Novato, Ca. It is the view off our lower deck. The funny thing was my husband and I were burrowed in the office (faces east) checking out hotels on-line for a possible dream vacation in Greece. We were trying to decide how much to spend to get the ultimate luxury of staying in Santorini on the edge of the Caldera in a hotel with an infinity pool sipping wine and watching the sunset.
My husband got up to get something in another room and said, "I think you should see this!"
Well, we don't often have such killer sunsets here - maybe the mountains block the real dramatic drops into the Pacific, or maybe the skies are so blue and cloudless that there is nothing for the watercolours to stick to. But this one was magnificent. I even went up to the deck off our bedroom to get another view.

Since i had the camera in my hand i thought i would snap a few shots of the sad state of affairs in my craft room. On the weekend i decided i wanted more space and dammit, that guest room bed stuck in closet had got to go.
I was inspired by Pam Garrison's closet. Check it out here:
Pam is a multi talented artist and is inspiringly creative. Ever since i discovered her on That's Clever a few years ago - i have been hooked on her style. I too was filmed for That's CLever - but more on that another time.
So my closet qualifies as a "before" picture, we'll have to wait and see what the "after" turns out to be. As much as I adore Pam's collage of vintage wallpapers, my goal is really just storage and getting the sea of crap, i mean, precious treasures off the floor. (you should see how mad i get when my husband calls my stuff crap) So will my beast of a craft room turn into an object of appreciation and desire? Will it be a beautiful as the sunset this evening? We shall see.....

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