Thursday, May 12, 2016

Novato Library Arts

 My local library has regular workshops in artsy crafty things.  this past week it was  polymer clay.  i made these striped beads.

 I also made a cool "cane" with multiple colors of clay stacked and rolled, and cut and rolled and so on.
 I made these cute beads with the slices of cane.
 I also attended the bi weekly coloring club.  kind of boring - just people coloring with no discussion or instruction.  but a nice mellow hour or so.
 they had a dozen books from which to choose images.  and a pile of pencils and markers.
 I kept in the same colour palette and  did three at the same time.
 at another workshop they did jewelry making.  i brought some stuff from home and combined with supplies from the library.  the copper above is a woven wire ribbon that can be stretched.  very cool.
 made a couple of pairs of earrings.
and this lariat style necklace with chunky beads.

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