Thursday, May 12, 2016

March Play Date - Dolls!

At our March play date we all worked on various projects.  I wanted to create a vintage doll with a cage skirt,  it is WAY harder than it looks people!  just really fussy and hard to get right.  i suppose with practice it would be easier. my black wire also shed like crazy.  once the skirt was done i plopped on the porcelain doll head with some plaster stuffed inside.
Next i made a bodice out of air dry clay.  then i added some vintage lace ribbon to make a ruffle.  used some thin wire to gather it up.
 Next i added an assortment of beads and baubles to the wire skirt.
 a couple of bows to finish her off.  need to take a picture of her from the front i guess!
 As is our custom - there were terrific little swaps - a glass light catcher mobile, some cards, napkins and little doo dads.
 and a yummy lunch prepared by Z.
 turkey chili with toppings.
 and the sweetest little cheescake and a chocolate easter egg.
 Since we do show and tell K showed off the paintings she did at a worksop at Femmage taught by Carrie Clayden.
 they are so pretty!
 Z got started on a copper crown for the santos doll K made for her.
all that wrapping!

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