Thursday, May 12, 2016

Decoupage Hangers

We had a mini crafty play date (on a school night!) to decorate wooden hangers with napkins using Mod Podge decoupage glue.
 We started by sanding regular wooden coat hangers with a bit of sanding  squares (used for dry walling).  then added a thin coat of gesso as a base.
My gal pals and I have been hoarding decorative napkins for years - so this was a perfect project to use some up.  god forbid we use the napkins for like, a meal or something crazy.
This was quite simple - first separate the layers of the napkin.  usually there are three.  Save the blanks to rubber stamp on.  they can be used in collage - the napkin part virtually disappears when you glue it on paper
Then glue on the napkins using mod podge.  the hardest part of this craft, is to be careful and let it dry on one side, then work on another hanger. when sticky, napkins like to stick to fingers and mess up your work!
You can cover the whole hanger - or leave spaces - your choice!

Finish off with a cute bow.
Propped up to dry.
We used shiny freezer paper to work on.
voila again!

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