Thursday, May 12, 2016

February Play Date - Wire and Tissue Paper and Resin

 our little art group collects images on our pinterest page, so that we can decide what our monthly project should be.  I just loved the idea of this necklace i found online at Andrea Ockey Parr's blog.
She posted a great tutorial on how to do it!
 We gathered all our supplies - ice resin being the key ingredient here.
 We used various types of craft wire - 20-22 gauge.  you basically make oblong lollypops and twist the wire around.
then cut out tissue paper - the heavier kind with the glossy finish works best, but anything will do.

 cut out circles to fit on your wire.  cut outside the circle - not inside!
 thenmis up some ice resin.  i just used gloved fingers to apply mine to the tissue.  then placed itface down on top of the wire.  the resin just made it stick.
 I had some extra resin so i applied it to these natural paper butterflies.  used shiny freezer paper as a backing.  they don't stick to it!

 i did a batch of pretty pastels as well.

 Interestingly, the play date was supposed to be at my place.  but two people could not make it, so majority rules - i brought all the food to K's house.  an Asian feast courtesy of trader joe. 
 Here is the end result of my resin-wire and tissue paper lollypops!  i added them onto some chunky wire along with some colourful beads.  it is not something i would actually wear, but looks great draped over my mirror at home.
 with my neutral circles and butterflies i made a mobile.
 came out really cute.  i attached them to a old wooden hanger with black wire.
 another shot of my necklace.
and this is the creation that M made with her pieces.  Wowsa!

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