Thursday, May 12, 2016

January Play Date - Water Colour Cards

 Here is a very long overdue post  (the first of many).  I've been taking pictures of everything artsy i do, but haven't found time to upload to the blog.  so here goes!  Back in January we had a play date focusing on watercolors.  we all made valentine themes cards. 
my friend Z made these delightful cards for her grandkids and hubby,
 we went out for lunch in charming downtown vacaville, but had this delicious cherry cheesecake back at K's house.  Just like my mom used to make!
 I tried a few different techniques combining watercolours and stamping.
 K worked on this fabulous piece.
N made these  - so sweet.
 I did some birds (of course).
 and some dragonflies.
 oh - before the play date we hung out at M's bead store. I was shown how to make this - then i made the second myself.

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