Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pretty Play Date

I hosted a play date yesterday for my crafty friends.  We started off by creating cute drawings in the style of Danielle Donaldson.  My friend Z took a workshop with her last year at Art is You Petaluma. which is in Santa Rosa this year, a few miles north. She walked us through the steps of pencil drawing, water color, dark lines with a black marker (i used a fine tip sharpie)  then the final touch was to add details and outlines with a white pen.  Z gifted us with these awesome Uni POSCA white pens from Japan which were a joy to work with.
The table was set with random supplies, cute little decorated boxes with treats for my guests, and come painted pumpkins to celebrate the season.
This is the cute girl K made.  Her sweater looks so fluffy and soft!
M decided not to do a girl, but was quite happy to draw these shapes and then colour them in.  Sort of an abstract cactus!  After the lesson and a bit of show and tell, we each went off in whatever direction we chose.
After our lesson, Z got to work finishing up some wool felt coasters she began at a workshop we attended at the Novato Library.  We built a piece of wool felt from assorted colours of roving, using the soapy water and friction method.. To complete her project,  Z cut the piece into circles and added some swirly white wool using the needle felting technique we also learned at the library.  they are the perfect set of coasters for her recently redecorated living room.
Next K started a root veggie art piece on a birch panel. She carefully drew the shapes then painted with vibrant water colors.
M created these intricate beaded stars - part of a future bracelet. wow- that's a lot of fine detail
 I had an idea, that was inspired by a "doll" i saw at the Danville craft show a few weeks ago.  a vendor (sorry didn't get her name) had created a vintage flower frog holder for vintage pins.  she had a doll head on top with a bunch of frilly lace ass a "collar".   since i have a collection of vintage flower flogs, i thought it would be a perfect project for me.  In case you  don't know, a flower frog is used to hold flowers in place in a vase or bowl.  they come in all kinds, but this cage type is perfect to hold the pins.  I had some doll heads and arms - and just needed to create a torso.  Here you can see the two part Aves epoxy drying with some paper propping it up.
once i got started there was no stopping me!  I made three more!
Around this time we stopped for lunch - a mexican buffet.  make a salad, a bowl, or some tacos. Perfect for all your friend's dietary desires.
We had roasted peppers, chicken strips, and ground beef.
an lots of fixin's.
We ate on the patio.
After lunch i started to decorate my dolls.  I have never really been into doll making, but it is kind of infectious.  this one had a gold tone dress with tulle skirt to match, and a dozen pins attached to her skirt.
This gal has a blue gown, with a netting skirt and vintage lace trims.
and finally a pink version with a fine organza skirt and velvet and ruffled organza trim.

what a fun day we had and the results prove that getting together with like minded friends is very inspiring!

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