Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mike Snow Art Retreat pART Trois

 Another day in Saussignac, painting with Mike Snow.  
This is the view through the Studio window in the chateau.
 Our last painting.  Choose a black and white photo. 
 I chose something a little more challenging.
 First sketch
 cover canvas with paint
 Rough in the first layer.  Oh - Bunny ears?  "Where did they come from", said the reader as they scrolled back up to look at the original photo.  It occurred to me that my 4 previous paintings began with B.  Boots, Boy, Ballerina, Babe (or Boobies).  so this girl needed something to make her follow suit.  Hence the bunny ears and Easter basket.
 a little more detail
 lots more detail.  ooh - too much.  looks cheap.  help Mike!
How about you just swish around with a wet brush and soften some of those flowers?
This was as far as i got by the end of the day.  All my paintings are being shipped home to the US, so i can marvel at my accomplishments.  This one needs some additional work on the face. and maybe some details on the grass.
 I asked Mike if he wanted me to bring him anything from the US.  Like his favorite condiment, or whatever.  he asked for peanut butter - apparently next to impossible to find in France.  it wasn't to make sandwiches.  it was to make cookies!
 Here is another project we worked on all week.  We were asked to illustrate "who we are".  i drew myself as a sad blond bombshell, hidden in a fat body (hence the muumuu).  then we had to paint it onto a huge canvas.
 My classmate Joelle said her true self was someone determined to live life to the fullest and move onward and upward.  So she painted herself with and arrow pointing to the sun.
 Everyday, whenever we had extra paint on our palettes - we were told, not to waste it!  
Just add something to this canvas!
 You can see how the freedom to let loose on a large piece of art can be very creative.
 Oh - and we had to mix it up.  not to stay on our own person.  I added the scarf on Joelle.
 Even Mike got into the game.  he painted with us in the studio.  
Quite the inspiration i must tell you.

Here are some of my fellow student Joelle's paintings.

And here are some of Mike's:

 Yeah. Wow.
Well, that's it.  Farewell to Saussignac.  
There are no words to properly thank Mike and Tim for this amazing adventure.
Just hugs and two cheek kisses to you both.

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