Sunday, October 11, 2015

Musee D'Orsay

This is the facade of the D'Orsay Museum - formerly a train station for the Paris - Orleans Railway.  It is quite remarkable how extravagant the architecture and ornamentation is for something so pedestrian as a train station.
 All the towns visited by the trains are carved into the side of the building.
It is crowned by rows of elaborate sculptures.
Remember - this wasn't a palace - it was  a TRAIN Station!
View from the D'Orsay to Sacre Coeur.
Now onto a sampling of the amazing impressionist paintings....
Van Gogh 
Van Gogh 
Van Gogh
Maurice Denis 
Sadly only got to see a snippet of a Monet waterlilies.  The Orangerie gallery which has most of the large paintings was closed.
My Sister-Law Tammy!
(on display at my sister's house, not the D'Orsay)

BTW - i wasn't like the Asian school girls giggling through the salons taking selfies and not really LOOKING at the art.  I sat and studied these paintings - i just grabbed a few snapshots to remember this wonderful experience.
Opera model

One of several clock windows
Many beautiful marble sculptures.
A segment of a model of a door done by Rodin.

And here is a quick glimpse of the ACTUAL thinker at the Rodin museum, a few blocks away.
 Ceiling detail.  this was a TRAIN STATION people!
 Another clock
 Interior shot
 Replica of lady liberty
 E and Dee at the D-Orsay cafe.
A brief pause for Limoncello sorbet and Kir Royale.  As one does....
Painterly ceiling decoration at the museum cafe - the original ballroom for the D'orsay Hotel.
 We were also able to see the special exhibit of Italian art from 1900 to 1950,
I loved this poster,
Not an impressionist work - but i loved this piece by Sartorio - 
part of the Dolce Vita! exposition.
What a magical relaxing therapeutic day we spent at the D'Orsay.  There are dozens of museums to choose from, and i am sure they are all amazing.  but with limited time, i think we made the best choice.

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