Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mike Snow Art Retreat pART Deux

 Welcome to my journey to France to spend a week with Mike Snow, artist extraodinaire,  
Our next art project, like the last, find a blank and white photograph and paint it as you see.  Eliminate the other dancers, change the tutu, and of course add colour.
 First step - sketch
 Missing pictures of painting a solid background, and drawing in the dancer.  this is the first rough coat.
 a few more details.  don't love the background.  need better light/dark balance.
and the final look.  the costume came out looking more like feathers than tulle. i had planned to add some swishes of the brush to give an illusion of tulle, but we liked it the way it was.  (plus as someone with a bird obsession, i mean - they look great!)
And we continued to have delicious meals prepared by the chef, Timothy.
 picnic lunch from the market
 lasagna a la Timothy
 rich gateau chocolat
 feta on toast with tomato relish
 soupe andalousie
 Mike showed us this picture to demonstrate each artist can see a subject differently  - as these paintings demonstrate.
 for our next challenge - choose a subject you would like to paint.
 Then choose an artist whose style you would like to emulate.  i chose Modigliani.
 paint background
 draw subject on canvas
 outline in black.  change angle of upper hand. rethink kim kardashian butt.
 it was a cold rainy day - so here's some wine!
 roughed in base coat
 use purple for shadows?  nope.
 almost there.
 add a bit more depth
et voila!
Stay tuned for more from my week with Mike and Tim....

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