Monday, April 30, 2012

Altered Calendar - Gifts from the Sea

If you have been following along, you know that i started a new round robin altered book project with 5 friends at the beginning of 2012.  We are altering small (5"x6") calenders.  You can see my other books HERE and HERE and HERE.
I worked in S's beautifully textured calendar for the month of April, titled Gifts of the Sea.  She used texture gels and paint to get a sandy cover and added shell fringe around the border.  We were tasked to create two spreads to represent sea life, anyway we chose.  Mermaids were already done, rats! 
 So i chose Sea Turtles!  I started with a blue and black background (google imags) of gelly fish.  Three brightly coloures turtles from a tropical brochure were my focal points.  The "coral reef" is a bejeweled chandelier from Elle Decor.  Sea weed fronds were cut from blue vellum and applied with mini glue dots. (never use wet glue on vellum - it will pucker up!)  A spiny fish sticker (cut in half) creates more interesting sea life.
 Next - Fish Eyes!  I started with a background of shiny metallic origami paper in two shades of blue green.  Then i added another Elle Decor chandelier - with hanging crystals that reminded me of a fleet of tadpoles.  They are swimming along the top and bottom on the left side.  Next as you can see are a dozen or more eyes cut from fashion magazines - with some eyelashes retained for '"fins".  Browns, blues and greens - all swimming in different directions.  I added a bit of glitter glue to make them sparkle, which sadly caused the big eye on the right to develop a crease when the paper got wet.  It smoothed out after it dried fully.
Please note the clever use (if i say so myself) of eyelash yarn to decorate the edge of the pages.
And here finally is the Sign In page - with tags for each artist to decorate.  I added some dolphin stickers and some fun fibres, along with my name and the date.  Next Month - the theme is Maps and Moustaches.  Seriously - it is a theme of D's book.  So whimsical and fun - can't  wait.  Do check back to see!

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