Monday, April 30, 2012

Play Date - Button Bracelets

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Francisco.  Another fun filled play date at D's house!
Our play date buddy S. showed us all how to make these amazing finger weaving button bracelets that she learned from a workshop at Art Unraveled last year.  Here you can see three samples that S. has made since she took the class, she has certainly mastered the technique!   She told us what to bring, explained the steps and got us started creating our own. 
 Here is the assortment of buttons i chose to work with.  I used a lot of blue-green shell buttons mixed in with cream and gold.  I left the bottom assortment of neutrals for another project.
After creating a loop out of the c-lon micro cord, i started weaving under and over and then added beads and buttings.  Pins stuck into foam core help organize things.
 Here is a clearer picture after i had done about two inches.
 And here it is almost done!  I just need to add a couple of little buttons to the end and add the "closure" button - which will fit through the loop we created at the beginning.
 Here is Z's bracelet with a pretty assortment of neutrals on sepia coloured micro cord. She included seed pod buttons from South America.
 Here is K's colourful bracelet - pretty much done!  She used bright green and hot pink  buttons and beads to make a fun bracelet.
 Here is S's grey green project - she spent so much time coaching the rest of us - she didn't get much done.  She brought buckets of buttons to share!
And finally here is D's ambitious project - soon to be a necklace! much more spaced out and delicate.  It is fun to see the variety of what you can create with this cool technique.
Thanks S. for teaching us how to do it!

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Lucie said...

Wow, awesome! So much talent in this group!