Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Altered Book - 1963

For the month of March i had the pleasure of K's book to work on titled 1963.  To make sure the sure the whole book wasn't about JFK, we were asked to create spreads based on events for the month that you had the book.  IE March!  I found a few interesting things to write about, but went with a musical theme - the Billboard charts.
 Here is the cover of K's book - she really went to town - removing the coil binding and adding a clear plastic cover and reattached it with clip rings.  She added ribbons and fibers and little tags with vintage ads.
 Here is my first spread.  The number one hit the first two weeks of March was the Four Seasons, Walk like a Man.  I created a mini album cover along with  record made from a CD and images pulled from google.  Gotta love the google..!!
 You can continue to flip through the record albums and find...the third week of March the #1 hit was The Chiffons - He's So Fine.
 And on to the 4th week, it was Ruby and the Romantics - Our Day Will Come.
 I added the top 15 songs from each week on a little star brad so you can check out the rest of the hits from 1963.  It is really amazing how many good ones there are.  (i was barely 2 - but I love this music!)
 And finally - one sad event in the music world - the plane crash that took the life of Patsy Cline happened in March 1963.  I created a spread in muted tones and added just a touch of western style bling.
In the pocket on the left i added sme newpaper clippings (all from google) that spoke about the tragedy for the country fans in the south, and truly a sad day for the whole country.

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