Sunday, November 7, 2010

October Altered Calendar Swap: Circus Theme

 Here are the pages i did in Dorothy's circus themed calendar.    Once i get this in the mail tomorrow - I'll be all caught up Still not quite organized after the big move in September.  But i spent many hours in my craft room this weekend and last creating these pages.  Here is the link to the pages i did last Spring.
 I purchased a grab bag of circus themed papers from Zinnia in South Pasadena before i moved north - knowing i would have this book to work in.  Unfortunately i did not get to attend their fall show - with a Cirque de Bizarre theme.  In the stash of papers was this title page about strange creatures - well it was just the thing to pair with Lionel here.

 The page on the left was in the book - i added the page on the right - for a riot of circus activity. The glitter circus letters were added for some texture.
 The page on the left was in the book - circus acrobats with really strong hair, i guess.  So i added Carlotta on the right - since she apparently had really strong teeth. And they both had lovely pink accents - so i tied them together with some lace, ribbon and buttons.  Some dictionary text adds a nice vintage touch. Tea and Teeth.
 The page on the right reminded me once again of that Anthropologie catalog from last year with the circus images.  Hard to believe i didn't have to dig too deep into my boxes of papers to find the page on the left.  I know, right?  A perfect match!  Well - i did give them some gingham and calico skirts to tie them all together. And a really crappy attempt at making red pompoms out of yarn.
And finally here is the sign in page Dorothy created for us.  I found (again completely by accident) an image from a Degas painting of two circus girls.  I could have created a whole spread with them!  But too late - they'll have to content themselves at the back of the book with the other circus characters!

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