Monday, November 8, 2010

Sundance Holiday Ribbon and Trims

Maybe you don't get the Sundance catalog or have a store near you - so i wanted to share some cool things they are selling this holiday season.
I saw these cute spools of ribbon and twine in their Corte Madera store, sold in sets of three or 5 and it was really tempting to buy them! I have seen that type of velvet ribbon on a wooden spool before - sold for a much higher price. Here, the 5 spools, 10 yards of each colour, for $28. That's 56 cents a yard - not bad. And so pretty!  Don't even use them!  Just put them in a little bowl and enjoy!!

The baker's cord is really nice - a heavier weight than the martha stewart twine sold at michaels. Perfect for those simple packages or to tie tags onto a gift. The set of three is $18 for 54 yards of each colour.
Check our the selection at the Sundance Catalog. FYI - i am in no way affiliated.  I just wanted to share!

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